Fullday Bedugul Tanah Lot Sunset Tour


Fullday Bedugul Tanah Lot Sunset Tour

Fullday Bedugul Tanah Lot Sunset Tour is a tours to visit the places of interest in Bali from the route of Bedugul to the Tanah Lot Temple. This Full Day tour will take you to the central area of Bali to see rice terraces, farms plantations, and the famous Lake Beratan. We then visit a busy colorful mountain village market. Bargain for local crafts. We end at Tanah Lot to view a beautiful sunset on the coast of the Indian Ocean.

Place to Visit : Royal Taman Ayun, Pacung, Bedugul, Ulundanu Beratan Lake, Candi Kuning fruit Market, Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest, Tanah Lot Temple.


Taman Ayun Royal Temple

Taman Ayun Bali | Fullday Bedugul Tanah Lot Sunset TourFullday Bedugul Tanah Lot Sunset Tour start at Taman Ayun, the Royal Temple of the Mengwi Dynasty. The temple was built by I Gusti Agung Anom, a founder of the Mengwi kingdom in 1634 and functioned as his summer palace. This centuries old temple is surrounded by a pool of water that shows the concept of a building designed to give the impression of an island. It is not a new concept. This was designed in the 17th century! The name means beautiful garden. The temple complex has three general areas; a garden which borders a river, a courtyard and a Bale which is used for religious ceremonies and dances. There is also a decorative fountain which provides a great photo opportunity. The temple features beautiful carvings and statues of nine Gods. There are twenty nine shrines which house the Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

You will have an hour to eat, rest, stroll, and refresh at Pacung a beautiful mountain retreat with a wonderful panorama of rice terraces before visit Bedugul.

Beratan Lake at Bedugul

Bedugul Temple Bali | Fullday Bedugul Tanah Lot Sunset TourBedugul is an area in central Bali that is the center of produce, vegetable, coffee and spice farms. The rich volcanic soil, sunlit days and cool nights provided by the elevation supply an environment perfect for agriculture. This is attraction is renowned for its multi religious atmosphere. A Hindu Temple, a Buddhist Shrine and a Muslim Mosque are all within sight of other with all of the local people totally respecting each others beliefs and practices in total harmony.

There are plenty of water sport activities here. Motor boats are for rent, and there is parasailing, canoeing in traditional boats, banana boating, and water skiing. Fishing is also available here with tackle for rent. The gardens are spectacular and the photographic opportunities superb. The 11 tiered pagoda at Hindu Temple on Lake Beratan is one of the most photographed icons in Asia.
We then visit Candi Kuning, the main market of the mountain highlands. Observe the hustle and bustle of the local trading, selling, buying and community inter-action of the families and villages of Bali. Here you will see many small handicrafts made by the local farmers for extra income.

Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest

Alas Kedaton Moneky Forest | Fullday Bedugul Tanah Lot Sunset TourNow it is afternoon and a perfect time to visit the Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest. The monkeys are very active in the morning hours and settle down in the afternoon. They are wild and roam freely on the grounds. There is also a cave with a very large population of bats. They sleep hanging upside down and although it is daytime they are active, moving around and changing sleeping positions.

Sunset at Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot Temple, Bali  | Fullday Bedugul Tanah Lot Sunset TourSunset at Tanah Lot is an experience that is enjoyed by almost every visitor to Bali. This temple, Pura Pakendungan, was erected to honor the arrival of the Hindu priests to the island of Bali at this spot in the 16th century by the priest Danghyang Nirartha. The name is Tanah which means isle and Lot which means sea. It was erected on a large rock outcropping that is not accessible at high tide. It is used as the main Hindu Temple by the local people of Tabanan, the local regency, and is the sight of many local ceremonies. Sunset is a spectacular event that frames the temple in a surrounding of the blue Indian Ocean and a glowing backdrop. It is said to be guarded by holy sea snakes, which are available for viewing in a nearby cave on the beach. The sunset is one of the most famous photographed icons in Asia.

  • Be sure and plan your tour. Bring shoes with arch support. Light sandals are not designed for walking on uneven ground. You may have slight hills or uneven steps to deal with. Some of the markets and villages are built on slopped land and good arch and ankle support will be very, very beneficial. Be sure and wear socks.
  • Be sure and bring sunscreen or a hat and don’t forget your sunglasses. In many of the mountain villages, temples and attractions, you will be in the shade, so a light sweater or sweatshirt may come in handy.
  • Many spots that you find yourself will have snacks and beverages, but a bottle of water and a small candy bar or dried fruit might come in handy.
  • Have the correct film or memory chip for your cameras.

Additional : Jatiluwih Rice Paddy Terrace

Jatiluwih Rice Paddy Terrace Jatilluwih Rice Paddy Terrace
JATILUWIH is a beautiful tropical rice growing area located in Tabanan which is located not far north of the Kuta district on in the southwest of Bali. Tabanan is a large regency and the Jatiluwih area is located towards the north of the region where the hills just start to pick up and the foot of the mountainous region is not fat away.

Tabanan and more so Jatiluwih is really the first area when driving north of Kuta where you will find tropical countryside that is unchanged due to tourism or any other kind of development, the villages in this area are completely traditional and laid back as well as being peaceful and friendly and extremely welcoming to any guests who have decided to visit their area.

The views are sensational from Jatiluwih as you can look south over the rolling hills of Tabanan and the endless padi fields that chisel memorizing patterns into the landscape and look north or rather up at the impressive mountains that from here seem very close and as if this wasn’t enough looking east you can see further rice paddies as well as small groups of tropical trees leading right up to the coast and a sea view.

Fullday Bedugul Tanah Lot Sunset Tour is Approx. 10 Hours

Number of Person (Pax)
Rate/Pax USD 75.00 USD 51.00 USD 38.00 USD 36.00 USD 33.00
Add Jatiluwih USD 85.00 USD 61.00 USD 48.00 USD 46.00 USD 43.00

What is Includes?

Price Include at Fullday Bedugul Tanah Lot Sunset Tour : Private Driver, Entrance Fee, Driving Services Fee, Car Parking Fee, Toll Fees, Lunch, English Speaking Driver, Licensed Cars for Tourism, Air-Conditioned Cars & Petrol, 10 Hours Tour Duration, Flexible stoping time, Insurance Cover.

Not Include at Fullday Bedugul Tanah Lot Sunset Tour : Personal Expenses

Rent Car Only :
  • Rate : USD 45.00/Car (Min 2 pax) – MVP Car Type.
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  • Rent Car Only Includes : Driver (English Speaking), Gasoline/Petrol, Parking Fee.


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